The biggest change at Faith Community Church is our leadership. Faith has two new pastors, Chris Sammond, Executive Pastor, and David Dorr, Teaching Pastor. Learn more about Chris and Dave here.

While keeping the best of our heritage . . .

Faith Community Church has served families in Liberty Township, Fairfield Township, West Chester, Fairfield, and Hamilton for over 35 years. Many of our members taught pre-school in the building each day for working families in the area. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic bringing an end Faith's pre-school, we continue to try to make our weekend service a place your children love to attend. 

We also know that the 21st century has changed a lot about our relationship with Church. From family activities, to smartphones, to the internet, and even the challenges of 2020, our church is always looking for new approaches.  That's why we've set our focus to help you get fed in your spiritual journey, get friends who live close to you, and get free from fear.

We have our Sunday morning gatherings, as well as, digital gatherings every week so even if you can't attend physically you can always have content and community to help your family and you grow.